Welcome to one of the West Coast’s biggest fetish weekends! If you were lucky enough to score yourself a weekend pass that includes a trip on the fetish cruise, count yourself as a very lucky kinkster. Vancouver Fetish Weekend (VFW) this year runs from July 27-30 in beautiful British Columbia, Canada and the fun begins on Thursday night at the Meet-n-Greet Kinky Cocktails party at Lux Lounge (1180 Howe Street), which is conveniently located right next to the host hotel, the Holiday Inn.  So dump off your luggage and put your party pants on, and get this weekend started!  This is a free event with no dress code required, where you can stop in and pick up your weekend pass or individual day tickets, have a drink and welcome some of our international travelers and local friends.

Friday’s big top event doesn’t start until 9pm, which leaves you plenty of time to check out the amazing city. My recommendation would be to download the “Mobi” app so you can rent a bicycle from the many bike stations around the city and take a quick tour, or do some shopping. If you’re just looking for some good scenery and a picnic, you can ride your bike around the seawall which is just past Pacific Street, and runs all around Stanley Park. There are several trails through the park as well that lead you to different scenic spots that are great for photos.  Take a quick stop down at third beach which is full of sexy sunbathers and crack open a few “road pops”, and enjoy the sand between your toes.  If you’re feeling more adventurous and want to be one with nature, check out Wreck Beach (6344 University Blvd), which is a clothing optional beach and one of the most beautiful beaches in the city. Make sure you pack a lunch and some drinks (including water) for the trip there as the hike back up the stairs can be pretty daunting if you are crispy from the sun and dehydrated. Oh, and make sure you use the bathroom before you go, you’ll thank me later!

If you’d prefer to do some shopping, check out Deadly Couture in Gastown (317 Cambie St), where you can slip into some new latex, corsets, stockings and many other naughty items. If you are looking for custom waist cinchers and corsets, you can also bike up to Lace Embrace (219 E 16th Ave.). Lace Embrace has designed corsets for the TV show “Once Upon a Time” and the movie “Suckerpunch”, not to mention they even designed a custom corset for the one and only Dita Von Teese. Bonus: there is even a leather store called “East Side Re-Rides” right next to Lace Embrace so you can grab some chaps! If you’re too hung over and can’t possibly bike across town (its only 16 minutes), you can walk up Davie Street and check out Ultra Love (1151 Davie Street) where you can grab some lacy panties, lube, and that vibrating item that may have been confiscated while boarding the plane to Vancouver. (Always remove batteries when travelling). Another great location is “Little Sisters Bookstore” (1238 Davie Street). Don’t be fooled, they don’t ONLY sell books, they also carry items from Priape, such as anal plugs, strap-ons and plenty of lube, so you can read a little erotic fiction while your friend tries on a leather harness.

Friday night is the Carnival of Kink at Imperial Nightclub (319 Main Street), which used to be an old Kung Fu theatre. Decorated with Terracotta warriors, The Imperial still has its huge projection screen and the main stage is perfect for big dramatic stage shows, which is exactly what we have in store for you! Prepare yourself to be dazzled with freaky performances by the Caravan of Creeps, Jungle Kat, Vixon Von Flex, Marnie Scarlet all the way from jolly ol’ England, and featuring our southern belle-hop Kippersky as the host of the evening. Get your dirty dance on with djs Davide from Montreal and KC Killjoy from Florida, who will be spinning all night long.

Saturday day we have organized a fun little BBQ on the patio of the Junction (1138 Davie Street) opening at 3pm. This will be a great chance to chat up some of the locals who can help you with any questions you have about the city. If you didn’t get a chance to rent bikes or hit the beach on Friday, Saturday is a great day for it as well. However, Saturday night is Vancouver’s “Festival of Light” which is a fireworks show starting at 10pm over English Bay that is choreographed to music. The beaches in the West End of Vancouver are going to be invaded by about 500,000 people coming in from the suburbs and many streets will be closed so the invaders can march down to the beach and make a nest to watch shit blow up in the sky. If you plan on taking a cab on Saturday night, make sure the cabbie will have the capacity to enter the area in which you are staying since many streets will be closed. It never hurts to get to the party early; it just means you have more time for drinking and debauchery!

Saturday night at 9pm the doors open for the big 5 Year Anniversary Party of Vancouver Fetish Weekend at Harbour Event Centre (750 Pacific Blvd). Get there early and get in a quick interview with me (Evilyn13) on the red carpet, then check out the kinky vendor’s market we have inside. We’ll have a special VIP section for our weekend pass-holders, a huge dance floor and a dungeon to keep you feeling sexy all night long. Saturday night will be a feast for the eyes featuring pervy performances by The Lost Girls, Kosmic Kitty, Natasha Nebula and Holy Scar from Montreal, Cervena Fox and Marnie Scarlet from the UK. Nicole Rose Designs, Harness Your Harpy and Beauty By Impairment are collaborating to put together a fashion show that will dazzle you beyond belief. Plus, Pippa Latex is coming all the way from Toronto to show us her sexy latex creations that will have you begging to be a slave to the models working the runway. The show is hosted by the beautiful Samantha Mack and Kippersky from Atlanta and will feature the sultry sounds of DJ Davide, KC Killjoy – plus we are stoked to have our old resident DJ Kasey Riot back for the weekend all the way from the UK.

If you haven’t had enough fun on Saturday night, join us for the after party at a secret location – to be revealed Saturday night. Don’t worry, it’s a quick cab ride from the main event. If you haven’t worn your feet out on the dance floor yet, we’ve got even more DJs to make your booty pop at the afterparty. Bring a spare pair of flats to dance to KC Killjoy, Abasi & Ceebas, Pandemonium and DJ Kasey Riot. Better make sure you leave a bottle of water, Gatorade, coconut water, and a few Advil by your bedside table for the hangover you have earned if you make it to the end of the after party.

If you need greasy eats before bed, just stagger up Davie Street between Burrard and Bute and you’ll find pizza, falafels, poutine (a Canadian specialty!) and Denny’s all waiting to serve your drunken ass. There is also a Mac’s Convenient Store (1198 Davie Street) for mixes (pop… er soda for the Americans) and if you need a liquor store, there is one across the street on Bute Street. (I probably should have mentioned this earlier for your day trips, but I wanted to make sure no one would be drinking and driving their bikes – safety first!) For groceries you can hit up the Independent Grocery Store (1255 Davie Street) and stock that mini fridge in your hotel room with all of the hangover remedies you’ll need for the rest of the weekend.

Prepare for a good sleep in on Sunday, but make sure to set your alarm in time to make it on the infamous VIP Fetish Cruise! The boat boards at 5pm and sets sail at 6pm SHARP, so don’t be late! You will get shamed if you are late and if public humiliation is your fetish, you will not be shamed – you will be denied entry. The boat departs from Dock B at the Plaza Of Nations (750 Pacific Blvd), which is basically right by Saturday night’s venue.  So if you can remember where you were the night before, you should have no problem finding the boat. We will have a short consent training session prior to entry on the boat, because no means no, and there are no exceptions for that. This 400 person boat will be filled with spanking benches, rope play and tons of kinky freaks! We’ll be sailing around the city on the beautiful west coast waters with gorgeous views of the city and mountains beside us with a select few photographers on hand to capture your beauty as well. The fetish cruise will be dj’ed by me (Evilyn13) and Kasey Riot and be docking to the left back at 9pm.

After the cruise we have the Wet & Wild Bondage Ball closing party and pride week kickoff party at The Odyssey (686 West Hastings), where Sin City Fetish Night is hosted on a monthly basis. If you’re a bit beat from the sun, don’t worry, we’ve got a limo bus to take you from the boat to the venue. All you have to do is get off the boat and stagger onto a bus complete with stripper poles, so you can unleash that inner stripper fantasy you’ve always had. We’re currently working on organizing a food truck to be on site near The Odyssey so you can grab a quick bite before heading into the madness of the grand finale. If you haven’t been to the Odyssey before, it’s an A-list gay bar that has a go-go shower and we’ve got a hot lineup that’s going to leave YOU soaking wet. Get ready to get wet to shower go-go by Spooksy DeLune, Cervena Fox, Natasha Nebula, Riannaconda, Mr, James, Big Robbie, Anuar and Flavio, who will all be dancing to the sexy sounds of me (Evilyn13), Davide, Pandemonium, Abasi & Ceebas. This is the final party of Vancouver Fetish Weekend and it goes until 3am, and when those lights come on at 3am, you’re going to need to find your own kinky after party with someone you met during the weekend. Last chance!

We hope you all enjoy visiting our city and hopefully some of the information I have provided will be useful for those of you who have not ventured to the west coast of Canada. If you have any questions or concerns please visit the website www.vancouverfetishweekend.com and we hope to see you next year for another celebration of kinky delights.

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