1. Self-promoting business cards – have no shame! This way all of the photographers who snap your picture can find you later, (make sure all your social media pages and hashtags are on there too) and if you think photographers won’t remember which card you gave them, get them to take a photo of you holding your card so they will.
  2. Lube – several of my cosplay costumes involve latex, and the only way I can shimmy into them is to grease myself up and slither in like a snake. Plus you have to shine those outfits up so you look as super as the hero you are portraying.
  3. Camera – since I’m covered in lube my cel phone is also covered in slime, I usually bring my small pocket camera that can fit into my purse so I can snap some photos that don’t have that soft blurred 70’s Vaseline focus.
  4. Makeup – sometimes when travelling, its hard to eat healthy – especially if you go out for a drink or ten at the pub with all your new cosplay friends, so I always keep some makeup in my purse because you just never know when your face is going to explode and you need that cakey cover-up for your shameful behaviour from the night before.
  5. Comfortable shoes – of course a lot of feminine costumes look amazing with high heels, but wearing those beasts on your feet all day can wreak havoc on your little tootsies, so be smart and carry around a pair of flats so when your body needs a rest you can slip into them and not have to leave the con.
  6. Snacks – spending a whole day at the con is exhausting, and the food lineups can be long and expensive, so try to pack a granola bar or two to keep your energy up while you navigate the crowds to meet all your favourite people – like me! (Kidding)
  7. Extra phone battery or charger – I figured your phone was a no-brainer, so I am going with extra battery since you’re going to be trying to meetup with friends and if the con is busy they will be hard to track down so you’ll need a meeting place, plus you’re going to wanna take a million selfies and Instagram all of your favourites costumes to make your followers see how much fun you are having, and all of these things take up a lot of phone juice so be prepared when your battery runs low.
  8. Money – this might seem obvious too, but I have made this mistake before. There are 2 things you need to prepare yourself for, the ATM lineup if you forgot money, and eating Kraft Dinner for the next month if you brought too much money. Set yourself a budget and work around it or prepare to make friends in the ATM lineup.
  9. Your costumes – so many times I have travelled somewhere only to realize I left _____ at home. Since then I’ve started using garment bags to keep my costumes in, that way all of the accessories and bits are stored in one safe spot together so I can just grab the garment bag, throw it in my suitcase and I know all of the pieces are already packed.
  10. Fun – going to a convention is fun! Dressing up is fun! Meeting people with like-minded interests is fun! So bring your best attitude and don’t spoil it for anyone else, if you aren’t a fan of someone’s costume or artwork – don’t be a jerk about it. We all have different tastes and that’s what makes the convention so colourful, so just remember to be respectful.

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