Now that the New Year is almost upon us, a lot of people are making resolutions on changes they want to make. First of all remember that all of your friends and family love you for the way you are, so you don’t need to change anything drastic, but it never hurts to try and improve your quality of life if you are feeling depressed or unhappy with where your life is. I usually start my resolutions on the following Monday so I have New Years to relax and plan for the changes I want to make without feeling like a failure already. In any case, I hope these suggestions help you 🙂

  1. Keep them realistic.
    Everyone wants to make changes in their life, but if you set goals for yourself that are too crazy, you will only feel disappointed when you don’t reach them. So instead of setting a goal like “I’m going to make 12 new costumes for Emerald City Comic Con” (which is less than 100 days away and only a 4 day convention) make a goal like “I am going to make one costume a month for the rest of this year so help me God”. Try to make a goal that is attainable so that when you reach it, you feel good about yourself.
  2. Don’t hate yourself if you have a cheat day.
    A lot of people make resolutions about health, diet and exercise, and it’s totally OK to have a cheat day once in a while. For example, you can have a cheat day once a week where you just eat garbage all day, (for me being Canadian, it would mean a large serving of poutine), but you need to eat healthy the rest of the week to create balance. I maintain a super healthy diet all week and then on the weekend when I’m DJing I’ll have that second, third, fourth or fifth shot of tequila because I worked hard this week and earned it, I usually do hate myself in the morning, but that’s for different reasons.
  3. Reward yourself for meeting your goals.
    If your goal was to lose weight, and you lost 20 pounds, go buy yourself a new outfit to show off your new figure. If your goal was to stop spending money on new outfits, reward yourself with a shot of tequila!
  4. Talk to your friends about your goals.
    If they are really your friends, they will support you and help you keep your resolutions. If you are trying to get in shape perhaps you can plan an outing together where you can get some exercise such as walking to the liquor store, carrying home a 12 pack, or hauling a keg. Grab two bottles of wine and do lifts with them while you walk home! Exercising can be easy and fun!
  5. Plan ahead.
    If you know you have to fit into that tiny outfit for a convention, fashion show or selfie. Make a plan on what you will need to do, such as shaving your legs, or skipping that tenth tequila shot so you can walk on the runway. Or if you really do need that tequila shot, plan yourself a safe ride home with someone who has directions to the nearest hospital. Whatever your goal is, make a plan on how you expect to achieve it so you can revisit No.3. Sometimes I eat lots of junk food just so I can lose weight and reward myself with new latex clothes because I don’t set unattainable goals (like not spending money on new outfits) because that shit is crazy!

    Happy New Year! Have a safe and an awesome night! xoxoxoxxxx

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